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​Zoe and MJ will be celebrating their 40th birthdays

at a beautiful campsite on the river Adur

Friday the 4th September to

Sunday the 6th September 


There is a great camping field for our exclusive use, with space for live-in vehicles and tents.

There's a separate gathering-garden with a big tent, a communal fire pit and access to the river via a grassy bank

On Saturday there will be lots of games and madness all day, suitable for the old and less old.

Ingrid is cooking us all a big evening meal, we will have some cold beer from theGoodness Brewing Company, and musical entertainment to wile away the hours.

Dust off your shoulder pads and/or visors, the Saturday evening dress code is: 80s

To cover costs of the meal, equipment and site fees we are asking for contributions of 

     £40 per Adult

     £10 per child

     £5 per vehicle (live-in or parking)

We also need you to complete a form for Track and Trace via the RSVP.

You can do this is at the base of this page or via these links.

RSVP HERE - necessary for Covid19 Track & Trace



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Any questions, please get in contact with 

MJ, Zoe or Morgan

CuePlay Productions

 - 57 Hendon Street, Brighton, BN2 0EG  -  

​​​ 07812 590 512


Friday 4th September
13.00: Arrival
18.00: BYO Barbecue lit

Saturday 5th September
Daytime Shenanigans, including but not limited to: rounders, SillyOlympics, downstream floating (bring a float), boarding and  boating (bring a boat), country walk, catering workshops
15.00 Kid's Disco and parachute games
19.00 Dinner 
20.00 Musical Entertainment
23.00 Silent Disco

Sunday 6th September

10.00 Tidy up and litter-pick

12.00 Check out

Location & Arrival

'Pop-Up Campsite by the River'

Ashurst, BN44 3AL Cm

Click HERE for the campsite entrance on Google maps

Vehicle access is via the B2135. Look for the 'PopUp Campsite' sign at Ashurst. Drive down the chalk track. At reception turn right (you don't have to check in there), and follow the track around the main campsite. keep going down to the 'river pitch', past the pond and  kayak place. LONG

You can drop your stuff at the field entrance, then park up in the adjoining field, there are barrows to take your gear the short distance to your pitch.

Live-ins will be parked up at the entrance to the camping field.
Please note that parking or live-in vehicle access costs £5 per vehicle

If you are not travelling by car, the nearest station is Shoreham-by-Sea and it is a £25 taxi ride from there. If you need any help with lifts or with getting to site or if you have any questions, please contact Morgan or via the WhatsApp group. 

Food & Drink

On Saturday there will be a big vegetarian / vegan meal with simple kid's dish available. If you want some draught cold beer please bring a cash contribution. Apart from this it is BYO catering. There will be a big barbecue available on Friday night with veggie and meat grills. Also a table for any salads, breads or dishes you'd like to share.

We should make food-share pods for breakfasts and lunches. If you would like a hand getting into a food pod please get in contact with Morgan - - or on the WhatsApp group

Please bring a plate, cup and some cutlery for the Saturday meal

Please bring more-than-adequate party supplies and alcohol.


A fairly basic campsite there are compost loos and hot shower units available in the gathering garden. There are outdoor sinks and Spam is kindly bringing his solar power bank so we can charge phones and power music and lighting. We will set up a communal kitchen area (keep clean) There is no camp shop or fridge available on site. 

We have been asked to keep tents at 4m separation

We are responsible for our own waste so will need to clear up after ourselves throughout and on Sunday morning. Please be prepared to separate and remove waste from the campsite. There are no bins on site. Please bring some waste bags and take some waste home with you in your car

Site rules

Please be respectful of the local land, people and animals as there are footpaths, farms and residences nearby. 

Dogs are allowed

There will be a large central fire pit in the gathering garden. Smaller individual fires are allowed in the camping field, they must be off the ground. Fire bowls can be booked for £10 (advance booking is needed) and you will need to buy some wood as we will have enough only for the main fire pit. We are only allowed to burn wood that has been bought on-site.

Aside from the organised activities we are not allowed any amplified noise. After 11 we have to keep the noise right down.

Sadly we cannot handle any additional evening guests.

Please take care and return Silent Disco headsets before you go to bed as there are big charges for damaged or lost sets.

We are responsible for upholding Covid19 social distancing within our group, there will be a light-touch approach to 'enforcement'.

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch and we can make arrangements

Although the river access is gated from the camping filed, there is relatively easy access from the marquee area so please keep the gate closed and all children safe. 

RSVP HERE - necessary for Covid19 Track & Trace


Tap HERE to join the WhatsApp group