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DJ & Mobile Disco

I also specialise in Club and Party Music,


Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Soul, House, Drum & Bass / Jungle, Dubstep,  Glitch and Cross-Genre mixing and scratching.

You can find my niche music sampled here:


Please click below to listen to a Mini Pop MixTape

For 6 years I have been the in-house DJ at  the premium Brighton Dome, and can a proven track record providing for all ages and tastes.

Please click the above window for a sample of a 'pop party' mix made in 2015. My overall aim is to provide a selection that everyone in the room will want to dance to.

Classic Pop and New Party Music combine in my vast online catalogue, tailored to your specifications.

An expert in music, I play cool, fun Pop and comes with a top quality, full Mobile Disco set up with all the extras.

Furnished with a huge library and online server, I can provide anything from Jazz to House, Soul to Rock.

An experienced wedding DJ, I read the room and - having performed at hundreds of parties - I know what tunes can get guests jumping and singing. 

I cater to all musical tastes, can handle any requests and comes with all DJ equipment, PRS, PLI and risk assessments. 

Karaoke, Themes, requests, 'stick it on', dinner music.

I can build a music programme to suit any event.

"We've found it hard to get a reliable DJ that the whole party will enjoy, Morgan always gets everyone dancing "

Non-Pop Available

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